Complete Heated Flooring Installations packages

We are more than capable to turn your project into an exciting reality; regardless of what construction phaze your in, what designs need to be created, in order to fullfill your requirements.

Information: Lets start your Heated Floor installation!

Please be prepared provide to us the following information :

Project Overview

Address ?
House/Condo ?
what area or room to will be worked on?
Desired Floors material/type to be heated and installed?
If Tile, Stone, Granite, Marble is the final flooring – will you require an uncoupling membrane?

Project Details

Phaze – Renovation, New Contruction/gut out Demolition – Will removal of existing flooring or drywall be required Water – Will we need to shut off water and remove a toilet or sink? Cooperation – Will we need to work hand in hand with other contractors or wait for permits? Extent – Will we install the flooring and Finishing the walls if any were opened, or will we only install the system and the Thermostat

The Planning Stage

We will need to schedule a site visit. It is important we meet so that we can get to know who we are doing business with. We will take the information noted above, as well as some pictures with your permission. We will duscuss the different heating systems and find the right option for you. You will have a chance to ask all of your remaining questions at this point. You can expect a detailed quotation the following day.


Once we are hired, we will make sure our supplies and our installers are on standby to start your project on time. We will conduct ourselves and every part of the project with integrity, with safe practices, and the highest degree of professionalism and consideration. From the delivery of our material, to keeping down the dust, to quality installations, to garbage disposal and clean up – you can expect from us the very best!